Complete List of Lockdown/Quartentine Date Ideas

If you are looking for some date ideas for you and your partner during this pandemic look no further. I looked all of the internet for ideas, there are some ideas from me, and there are some ideas from fellow readers. Please take some time to spend with your partner and reconnect. Start planning your “date!”

Camping in the backyard. Movie night with a projector outside (drive-in style). Couples self spa night.Lacey R.

Food delivered, rent a movie eat a bunch of snacks. Anytime I don’t have to cook is a date to me lol.Nicole F.

I subscribed to a skincare monthly box. My hubby and I each do a facial treatment on each other and relax with a good tv show and delivery!Amanda N.

Create a music playlist of all the songs that make you think of your partner from throughout your relationship, and then sit in a room with just the two of you listening to the music and chat about your memories of being together that each song brings up. You might be surprised by your partner’s viewpoint from certain times in your relationship.Katy K.

Get dressed up once the kids are in bed. Let the night go where it leads – even if that means it’s just Netflix and popcorn. Aesha Z.

We would drive around just the two of us just to get out of the house. It was nice just getting away to talk. We also started a few shows together on Netflix.Heather M.

We put the kids to bed and watch a movie on our back deck, with a fire going. It’s been so nice to reconnect and feel like a team!Alli W.

Boardgame Olympics or bike rides touring your own city with no map.Nora J

Make a meal together

Play a board game

Play some music and dance in your living room

Sit around the fire pit and roast marshmallows

Plan a dream vacation together

Take a walk together

Karaoke (YouTube has some karaoke videos)

Play video games together

At-home spa day

Bake dessert together

Netflix and Chill

Workout together

Have a picnic in your backyard

Go hiking

Drive around and explore a new city

Make t-shirts

Order some food and watch your favorite movies or shows

Make art together

Take pictures together

Watch fireworks


Camp out in your backyard

Make breakfast together

Eat breakfast in bed together

Take a bubble bath

Read a book together

Start a DIY together

Make a playlist of your favorite songs

Create a scavenger hunt

Play truth or dare

Play 20 questions

Make a childhood recipe

Play a card game

Play a drive and pack a lunch

Make a fort and eat dinner in there

Play Pictionary

Play hangman

Bake cookies together

Barbeque together

Look at houses

Go to a drive-in movie

Go fruit or vegetable picking

Go on a nature walk

Organize an area in your home

Give each other massages

Create a bucket list

Learn a different language together

Create a dance routine together

Create ice cream sundaes

Have a day at the beach

Play trivia

Put a puzzle together

Watch the sunset

Buy a bunch of different wines to try together

Get some food from a new restaurant

Watch the sunrise

Walk at a local historical site

Find a new recipe and make it together

Order outfits for each other

Have an indoor picnic

Learn a new skill together

Have a nerf gun war

Play basketball together

Make pizza


Watch fireworks

Have a competition

Watch funny Youtube videos

What are some date ideas you have for other mamas? What date idea are you looking forward to having with your partner?

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