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Mom Fitness: Instagrams of the Week

Here are some moms that are grinding hard to get healthy and in shape. Don’t be surprised if you feel like going for a run after seeing these Instagram posts.

moderndaymamac I love the passion and determination of this mama. She knows it’s hard to make time to work out with kids, but makes it a priority.

elise_unplugged She is real and a hard worker. Explaining both her successes and her failures making her extremely relatable.

drlindseyschmidt So refreshing to see the self-love within this post. She embraces all body types and emphases people feeling good in their own skin.

theheidts We can all appreciate this post because at one time or another this is how most of us have a workout, with our kids!

kelseymarie_combs Her pep talk on motivation is what all us that are aspiring to be physically fit need to her.

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